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As the name tells , this business was started by our guiding spirit S Darshan Singh in 1972, by his hard work & grace of God he gave this business new heights, S Surinder singh S/0 S Darshan Singh then joined to promote his buisiness according to his extreme abilities. and spread the name in different parts of the country & through out the world. After years spent on searching for traditional both religious and craftmanship to the survival of worlds richest textile repertoire, we have uncovered a wealth of Rumalas and Canopes.

Samijeev Singh S/o S.Surinder singh has also joined his father with a vision of doing the same. This firm situated in AMRITSAR is supported by 200 workers in different departments like hand embroidery, carving, weaving, stitching and other craftsmanship with zardozi and precious stones and embelishments. Every single product is personaly checked for perfection and satisfaction. We as the foremost designers have sought to present the most exceptional examples. This firm was previously known as SHAM SINGH DARSHAN SINGH, now it 'll be known as DARSHAN SINGH SURINDER SINGH.


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